Having always been stimulated by visual images, it naturally developed into a passion for photography. My journey started back in 2002 when I got my first digital camera and the shutter-bug took hold. Through feedback from family and friends, it soon became apparent that my images told a story and I had a talent for capturing the perfect moment.


In 2011 I decided to make my passion my life’s work. I took the risk and I launched Tim Vasvi Photography. Not wanting to be confined to the four walls and paper backdrops of a studio, I specialise in location shoots and relish the challenges that the ever changing environment throws at me. Why confine yourself to a small space when you can have the whole world as your studio!


With the ability to adapt my unique photographic style to match the subject I am shooting, be it weddings, significant life events or portraits, my images will always carry my signature look. So if you are looking for images that stand out from the run of the mill crowd, contact me with your requirements and we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.


Owing to the success of my photography in other areas, I launched CAT-5 Studios to deal with more corporate focused assignments such as product photography, corporate events and automotive shoots to name a few. If you are looking for one of these services, please head over to cat5studios.co.uk where you will find comprehensive insight into these areas of my work.